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Jessie Lausé

maker of sounds and shapes

This is not music. You're making the audience angry! This is definitely not music!

(Anonymous fan)


Hidden Variables (2021)



Jessie Lausé is a composer and educator with a passion for creating inclusive musical experiences. Their work often utilizes experimental electronic and acoustic sound practices and alternative notations to encourage diversified sensory engagement. Jessie is originally from central Kentucky and holds a bachelor’s degree in arts administration from Butler University in Indianapolis. Jessie is currently pursuing a master’s in music composition at the University of Colorado Boulder where they teach music technology and have studied with Annika Socolofsky and Michael Theodore. 


Most recently, Jessie has collaborated with performing artists at the 2021 Fresh Inc Festival, the 2022 CU New Opera Workshop, and the 2022 Splice Institute. In the coming months, their work will be featured at the Lake George Music Festival, the Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble’s 2022 New Music Festival, and Indiana State University’s 56th Annual Contemporary Music Festival. When not composing, Jessie spends their free time playing board games and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race with their cats, Gubaidulina and Mr. Bear. 


Any pronouns are acceptable. Jessie's last name is pronounced "low-SAY."


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