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 Original works

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Sample Meditation No. 2: "that's not the truth, Ellen" (2022) (live electronics)

Tough Guy Syntax (2022) (26-channel)

Sample Meditation No. 1: Where I've Been (2022) (live electronics)

OS Break-Up Song (2020) (stereo)

Movements (2019) (8.1)

Flutter & Variation (2019) (8.1)

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Mob Mentality (2022) (string quartet)

RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars - Season 2: Alyssa vs. Phi Phi (2022) (SMTB opera scene w/piano)

Portrait No. 3: Human Bones Inside the House (2021) (tenor voice, mixed chamber ensemble, and live electronics)

My home is made of gasoline: redux (2021) (violin, viola, bass)

Laced Red on the Skin (2021) (string quartet)

The Foundling (2020) (soprano voice and piano)

Incidental Music: "Fun Uncle Ron's Haunted Mountainside Villa" (2019) (alto saxophone duet)

I didn't sleep last night. (2019) (string quintet/orchestra)

Fibonacci Study Liquidated (2019) (string quintet)

One, Four, Three, Two (2019) (violin and English horn)

Portrait No. 2: Traffic in the Fog (2019) (Bb trumpet, F horn, and piano)

The View from the Boulder (2018) (sop sax, bassoon, and percussion)

That one time audacious Ted was eating tomato bisque right out of the pot with his magic ladle (2018) (contrabass clarinet and harp)

Portait No. 1: The Girl with the Fatigued Mind (2018) (violin and piano)


Autoharp Improvisation No. 1 (2021)

Crest & Bone (2021) (flute)

Jef: Suite for Baritone Saxophone (2019) (bari sax and dinosaur)

Non-Fixed Instrumentation

Hidden Variables (2021) (found object ensemble)

Search Party (2020) (mixed chamber ensemble)

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